Reasons to Tour on a Big Bike


If you want to drive somewhere, get a car, but if you want to ride there, you need a bike. Similarities between four-wheeled vehicles and bikes are numerous, but the experience is completely different. That is the number one reason why we ride, the experience. The old cliché. It is not about the destination, it’s about the journey, must have been made by a motorcyclist. It never could have been said by someone driving a four-door sedan. Ride to live, live to ride. Yes, another tired cliché, but it is how we feel, and will always be true. Here are some of my reasons to ride a big bike.

Efficiency:  Bikes are just easier. Traffic is much easier to avoid and navigate, and there is almost always a place to park. A trip to the pump doesn’t break the bank, and how about lane splitting, what a joy (where it is legal that is). The overall cost of owning a motorcycle is much lower than most cars as well. And if you need some mechanical help usually a buddy with a ute is all you need, no tow truck necessary.

The People: It’s a club. No matter where you go with your bike, when you arrive there is going to be someone that will give you that knowing look, as if to say, you’re all right man. People love to talk about their bikes so there is never any need to break the ice among enthusiasts, because you’re in the club already. Sure, there are actual clubs with notorious reputations. But they usually have their own thing going. The people I enjoy are those who know it is better to enjoy the ride rather than waiting to arrive.

The Experience: People are better when they get on a bike. I don’t know what causes it, but when you get on the road for a trip. It is a whole different experience if you ride instead of drive. Everyone is more upbeat and positive.  Perhaps it is because you experience the scenery as you pass through it. You see everything so much better, it’s a 360-degree fresh air theatre. You just can’t get that from riding in a car.

There is nothing wrong with four wheeled transport, sometimes it’s the only way to go, but when all things are equal, riding the big bike is going to bring you a bit of life along with the ride. The price is right too. Yamaha motorcycle loans, make it easy to get on those winding roads and the forgotten trails, I don’t need to hurry, my problems can wait. Give me two wheels and a clear sky any day of the week.

Hooper Lee
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